Start at the Beginning

Start at the Beginning

Hi to whoever might find me. This is my first blog. Never thought I would do this and to be honest I am not sure why or if I will continue beyond post number one. It is what you might call in the marketing world an impulse blog. Since I believe in following the nudging of Spirit in my life and since this is a free chunk of data on the huge web of the entity we call the internet I may as well give in to the wee nudging.

I don’t know if my writing will be enjoyed or even palatable to the masses. I have been doing an intensive year of study. I have been taking courses from Mark Dunn who teaches a program called Consciousness Systems. This is not a simply easy way to become “conscious”. It has been hard work and the path isn’t easy. The basic premise is to repair your energetic system so that your spirit can fully inhabit your physical body. This means repairing the soul ripping wounding that happened to you in this life, past lives, and ancestrally. Finding these and fixing them is a rough road. The difficulty of using the english language to even try to explain his concepts is enough to drive anyone batty.

The end result of this might be a whole complete “ME”. This would help me in physical health, emotional health and just all around wellness…of myself and of the planet as a whole. As part of this quest I am “leaving” the doomed map of society as it is currently set up. Most people seem to be all about coffee, bacon, shopping, games and currently, if fb is any indication, already all hyped about Christmas…and it is only the day after Halloween! I can hardly believe I saw an ad there saying I should have my Christmas shopping finished! Mark maintains, and I agree, that people are way too high in vibration. Go go go do do do…and God forbid they actually stop and smell the roses as they say.

As part of CS I have slowed down, deepened and dropped my vibration down intentionally. For those of you who believe that high is good and low is bad please recall that we have lower chakras that have vital functions. Perhaps I will write more on this at another time. The result of lowering my vibration? Funny you should ask. One result is that where most people are now is laughable and a bit annoying. An example is a woman on a fb site who was seriously complaining about her haircut. Now, I know hair is our crowning glory and important in our lives, but you would have thought her child just died of a horrible disfiguring disease! She was not just upset, she was horrified and mortified and seriously all bent out of shape. It is hair. It grows back! Really…it does! It can be adjusted and recut and styled. Short hair is not the end of civilization as we know it people! A bad hair day is not a world crisis.

The end of the world is much more serious than short hair or the “wrong” color shoes, or not having enough bacon. The end of the world is poisonous toxic and well, we might not make it as a species. We won’t care about our hair. Zombie apocalypse without the zombies perhaps…I don’t know exactly, and have never seen one of those zombie shows actually…haven’t turned on my television set since March when I watched a movie so I could get the CD back to Netflix.

I don’t know what the end of the world looks like. I would rather not know at the moment, but it won’t be pretty and you won’t worry about your hair style. Have you ever seen a person in a disaster photo who worried if their hair was styled right?

We need to start waking up. We all need to become conscious in whatever way we can be. We need to pay attention to our choices and how we live our lives. We are breaking people to get the energy we need…hurting people to get the energy we need. We need to stop somehow. I can’t tell you today exactly how. It may be in the small things we choose. Perhaps it is choosing not to buy something I really don’t need from the big box store today, or buying a local item instead. Perhaps it is making a snack and sharing it with a neighbor. I would like it if certain people would choose not to toss that fast food container on the ground along the back road, or how about if they stayed home and cooked a meal instead of supporting the unhealthy fast food? Gee, that would reduce gas consumption, save money, not trash the planet and improve health…all in one little choice!

Maybe we don’t need as many items of clothing, or is the cupboard overflowing with unused items? Could we just be kind instead of angry when someone cuts us off in our travels? I mean, if thoughts have energy how many hurtful arrows have I shot at other drivers in my lifetime? Oh, man. I need to pay attention to that! Sure no one hears me…or do they? Do they feel the energetic arrows? Uh, yep, I bet they do. It manifests as stress and irritation. We are all shooting each other with hurtful arrows.

I bet there are tons of little actions to take. This is a call out to join me. Slow down. Chill out. Think before you buy what you are supporting with your purchase. Keep our Mother Earth clean…she is, after all, the only planet we have. That is forgotten so often. If you are politically minded don’t just post on fb, but contact your political representatives. Vote with your pocketbook. Treat others as the fellow travelers on this blue marble as  what they are…we are truly all in this together. We are truly all interconnected. Maybe the end of the world can just be the beginning of a better one.