The Water

“What is water?” asked the puzzled fish.

“You are swimming in it.”

“How can it be that I do not notice it?”

We humans swim in energy. For the most part it is simply there. We don’t have a lot of words to describe it or discuss it in our language. In fact there are some people who say it doesn’t exist. Rarely, in this culture, do we pay it much attention at all. It is like the water for the fish…simply there.

So, assuming energy exists, even though we tend to ignore it, do you think it affects you? I mean, if you think of a time when you entered a room and it just felt bad, negative. You had been in that place before and it wasn’t like this, but that day it felt like someone had a big fight there. Ever sensed that? Did it bring you down if you stayed there a while? Or the opposite, where you enter and you know you are going to have a good time because the energy is so happy and positive. Maybe you were in a bad mood, but the energy of that space and the people there made you feel better?

Now, if we are all swimming in this energetic water do you see how the synchronized emoting of thousands or millions of people might actually affect you without you realizing it?

So, if, for example there is a shooting where people die and everyone, yes, nearly everyone it seems is thinking and emoting about this event, posting on the internet and sharing their thoughts about it, do you think you might possibly be sucked into or feeling this massive energetic field?

What I am saying is not that we should not care about things that happen.

What I am saying is that we individual people may be having strong feelings, depression, broken hearts and feeling powerless due to the fact that we do not know how to tune out of this hive consciousness or get out of the collective terrain where we become sheeple. We are sucked in and are unable to think clearly for ourselves. I am saying that your feelings may very well not BE YOURS.

Radical thought, eh?

Big thanks to my teacher for waking me up to this collective Borg-like synchronized broken terrain and the effect it has on my energy body.

See the water?


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