Why blog?

I haven’t written or posted here have I, gee, and I promised too! What…no one noticed?  I am so not surprised! I hear that blogs must be promoted and if I am not going to post here much, well, then there isn’t a huge reason to promote it is there?! But just because I think today I will write something.

I have been pondering why I might consider blogging and why not. It seems that there are a million or way more places for everyone to go and read someones rant or opinion or blather these days. I don’t have time to read it all…do you?

I am overwhelmed with the amount of material out there to fill our feeble brains with. I think at this time serious regular blogging is more than I want to do. I want to paint more and spend time just being with my pets, being outside and enjoying life.


Here is one of my paintings that I did these last months. It is “wet” so I think on this rainy evening it is a good one to post. I wanted this to be about the water itself so the fishes are tiny and nondescript, but they are in there!

The leaves where I am here in Maine are turning colors or fallen. The bush behind my totem pole is bright brilliant scarlet even in the waning cloudy light of the day. I can see it from my computer and it really is stunning. The leaves turned late this year and with the drought they didn’t seem as brilliant. They also were spotty in their changing so the leaf peeping wasn’t as good I don’t think. This rain should reduce the drought a lot.

I have been enjoying life lately, putting my gardens to bed, cleaning the wood stove room readying it for the winter and making apple crisp. The art has been shuffled aside a bit to make time for these things. I have also been reading some thoughtful literature. If you are interested the current book is “The Mermaid and the Minotaur”. It is a bit of a tedious read, but it is material I wish everyone would read and consider very seriously. Most people won’t.

I have been enjoying the new “Star Trek Discovery” program. It is the first television show I have watched in years. I look forward to the new episode every Sunday. I enjoy the “wrap up” show “After Trek” the next day. I guess I just have to call myself a Trekkie now. I do enjoy the intelligence and imagination of the show. This is the first time I have been able to enjoy it as the episodes are first aired. Life always got in the way before and I ended up seeing the other “Treks” as re-runs. Still, without commercials they were wonderful. Definitely a favorite thing of mine.

I have a new compound miter saw and have started building a nice stand for it. It has drop wings to help support longer lumber and I will be able to put them down when I don’t want them taking up space in my small shop. I am still waiting for my contractor to do the job of raising the shop itself and putting it on beams to fix the sagging floor issue. He said he will do it this fall, and fall is running out. It makes me worry,  but he assures me it will work out ok.

There are a few projects that I hope to finish up in my art studio…crafts that I have half done and such. I am also working on some color studies to sharpen my sense of mixing colors. I can already see changes in my new paintings. It will be very interesting to see where art takes me…where is my work going next? I wonder what it will look like in a year or two?!!

I think if a person wishes to view my art it is best to go to my facebook page for now. Not everything is posted on there yet, so if you are REALLY interested in my art please feel free to inquire. I am delighted to share it or discuss it with anyone.  I will even sell certain pieces of it if you are interested. https://www.facebook.com/carlaheistenarts/

So to anyone who stumbles on this blog page that I am not actively promoting I wish you all the best. Feel free to comment.

New Beginnings

New Beginnings

This blog under construction.

Life brings change.

I plan to bring you my art and whatever else comes to mind here.

Please stay tuned for more.

It may be a while…and hey, it might be worth the wait…or not!

See you all soon!